by Resyte Theez

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It's a collection of reflective grooves complimenting bass lines and the innovatory production of my alter ego Mr. Kik. It is indicative of my experiences abroad, and showcases a new found love. appreciation, and understanding of the acoustic guitar. (A constant in the country of Flamenco culture.)

It features two of my favorite MC's Rob Hardy and Blurum baker's dozen. I invite you guys to share this experience with me.


released June 9, 2013

Mr. Kik. Choppy Chop. Resyte Theez. Rob Hardy. Blurum13



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Resyte Theez Maryland

Emcee. Sound Provider.


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Track Name: Iont Need Yall
I wear three hats - engineer-sound provider extrodinaire
and rap habitor hand high hands is what I'm here for
Fear years of me with four beers in me
...Commandeering cheers from the markets simplicity
Made jazz soul and old school rap to lay a plat-form for cold grooves with digital claps
Now I got the flows and the know how to make most sound like they suck like chicks when they go down
Re peaks like Ice teas other half's chest size and the South Ameican cliff that claimed Left Eye
Who's to say the moods have to be grey to be cool I did The Insig and my brother caught a attitude
Damage collateral its Re with the aptitude to make it look easier then sun bathing in Malibu
Scawf and challenge you can choose to debate
But it makes as much sense as eating soup in a plate
.Feel me like velour in the strip club I did songs for women hoping they'd and skinny dip for us
And I been trying to stay single for minute been spitten intimate written rhymes to hit the internet with - TBD
Distracted by that and whatever active ingredient in tonic water mixed with a bit of seigrams
Blame demons and brand me a heathen but I'm trying to get the math like andrew gleason
Noticed bogus trying to sell tats and swag grabbed the pen to make it known theyre bout as useful as moldy baguette
This song is for the non supportive
The cant wait to hate it blowin smoke in corners yes yall

I dont need yall to tell me its dope (Thats shits dope)
And I know it i wrote it I know it thats why I hold it up
Judge it and love it if ya want it don't matta nope
The last thing i need is one of yall

I see no hope for the human race refusing to make an effort to not be sepratist or racists
And burnin' herbs made me real sensitive I gave some a way threw the rest in the trash - finger - expletive
Life was sweeter then Entenmann's till I vented and scared the shit out of some spectators and relatives
On my shoulder gotta hundred pound chip
And its bad its bout as useful as a caddie with out the golf bag
Unless I'm liftin'
Or throwin' a fit see sometimes I get pissed like
6 cups of tea
Tweet about it for most its no suprise for some its who'da thought like home winnin a door prize (what?)
And I should rap like most
More lies more tales of club nights and gun fights from drug sales
Scrunch face when I think about the process
The concept alone lacks progress monotonous unless
I'm 16 rebelling my gaurdiens my life'd be a reality show that I'd be staring in
....But I'm not...
And you neither
Lets hittem' with the new, doubt is not part of procedure cuz foreal

I don't need yall to tell me its dope (Thats shits dope)
And I know it i wrote it thats why I hold it up
Judge it and love it if ya want it don't matta (nope)
the last thing i need is one of yall [repeat]
Track Name: Preservation
I'll be blunt
I never would have went in if words didn't synchopate to rhythms in the form of a sentence and
If i didn't hear tales of inspiration behind work presented as audible representatives
Thoughts and feeling's behind walls and ceilings of doubt insecurities and stories of love
Kik drums dumb loud clouds of smoke and a vibe that presented a buzz
Gave me strength and spoke to the soul and my environment made pens remotely controlled by
Shifting poles --
Diefied lights
Visiting my day dreams pushing me to write these
Lines put time in climb in to headspace needed to set my head straight
A balancing act -taking action establish my peace and reach the satisfaction needed from
Witnessing the time that preceded to
Release from repeated cues
Hint if you choose to precieve what the mind thinks as truth then truth is easily the minds choice
Choose to be in control of your own mind and its choice in thought today
Think to be and become
What you wanna be and figure out how til its done get it done yo

A reflection to mention some things
sometimes you gotta vent to stay sane its self preservation

It helps seein the face
Meetin eye to eye on deciding on - not to be bound to desk commute catchin the Ride On
I expect my songs to prolong a freedom
Hope they need me like I need them
To plant seeds rant prevent tension the content otherwise would hold me at ransome
Enchant me damp me jam me up hand me a loss plan me a funeral
Brand me typical with no drive embarrassing I didnt try to lead by example
I know better n better makes me responsible whatever it'll keep me outta jail and the hospitals
Wards asylums on islands remanded stranded abandoned by family nah man
Track Name: LearnYa Interlude
Dip dippitib tak tack ssss.
Track Name: ResyteTheez, Rob Hardy - The Next feat Rob Hardy
I been abroad and back seen lawns of greener pastures
Active volcanoes river beds and glaciers
Next in line to board trains and plains with dames with headphones that transduce tones i got hot feet
(hot beats)
I like my food hot-tah
Dreams in front of DJ's flows portraying wat -tah
Methods to check and try I treck and fly to test my drive and reflect checkin the sky lines
Effort get the best of mine and as the rest get left behind from me trying
leaves gaps
Voids I laugh but get annoyed at times and it explains the pain in my intestines

Im fully vested taking to many shots and
Overunning my cups fill it with schotch mann
I need sobriety standing on my own two
Thinking somebody owe you
A 9-5 I'm thinkin somebody own you
I want my whole crew paid in full
It aint no joke that’s why I dropped out of school
That’s fools gold never pattern a fools goal walking down the road that only a few chose
Get to know a place that only a few know don’t desereve to hear yes you cowar a few
No's - Ohh
I feel the devil breathin down my neck
Dangling my next check Fuck You no disrespect
I set the tone clef rest of my days
I'm on to the next I'ma do it my way

With Mouths to feed and folks to check on I'm still working on the Next
Whats next?

I realize these are desparate times and its cool im trying to drag packed bags to packed vestibules and I appreicate
meals wheels vegetbables sometimes my diet struggles like the rest of you

I rest and view into the abyss
I daydream fightin the ego just to exist
It may become a reality to persist on
I'm fightin robots I the corrupt system
Lance Armstrong
I just cant settle
You gotta get on them roids to be the same level

Whatever if you whatever if you
Debunkn myths and deploy the fix ignore scripts and avoid more fruedian slips ya got
To show speed and not be in a rush lifes a test ya cant study for pee in the cup

That’s what up
So this race that im runnin is labor of lovin
No need to catch breath
If I stay in my lane
Fight through pain
No need to complain get stronger with each step
So stay conscious its always a process
Never left behind still workin on the next man
Never left behind still wokrin on the next man

I configured a bigger scheme that should naturally progess to destination like wind stress driving atlantic gulf streams
I'm tryin to retire and hop beaches with seats to skype write rhymes to kik's sequences
...Anything less would be feces
Rum Diary Giovanni Ribisi

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.
Track Name: Waitin' (AlldayWitcha)
Yea you the one for real
And anyone that don't know it is taken slumber pills
Tunnel vision seeing you and me and no one else
Say a word about it not happenin slow down
i intend to bend the rules a little friend ya lend a hand and be ya confidon call me when you want then
I joke when you're around we got the same humor
Now we together and Im thinking bout yo how the hell tha
Did we make it we the template for makin documentaries for being in love with love makin aint we?
…It's like a dream come true
Both thinkin we gonna wake up so ima just wait all day witchu

day day day

I took the long way from your house to think about how
idnno I guess I was just thinking bout
Long term stuff ask her if she likes to travel
I hold her hand and im reminded that the time is fragile
I respect it and the gift of sweet memories - I'm the best at what i do for her and thats how she'll remember me
I'll be her dream come true
We both thinking we goon wake up the plan is to wait all day witcha
Track Name: Boogs Interlude
Make up your own.
Track Name: For Ya
I'm concerned for my well being
Mind as well be a problem if my problems persist I'ma
Take a plate of my shit to the fan when it hits Ima blame it on the next man
..Thats just the mood im in
I knew as a student to do this for music my soul is a nuscence it brings me to waters with pockets of quarters and orders to swim go figure

And im trying to be big about it.
Got my floaties on
I'm taking my time for ya
i imagine trying to live without it
Maybe take a spin class... somethin
I'm takin my time for ya
Taking my time for you maybe I...

I'm concerned with my day to day
Don't want my sneakers getting dirty while I pave the way
So I hate
The scams the demands the damn people's opinions and all of their friends
And maybe its me
I see love bringing patience from cant wait to leave
And cant wait to say it and cant wait to give two middle fingers like...

But I try to be big about it
Did some yoga moves and meditated
Taking my time for ya
And I imagine trying to live without it
Did some TaChi in the park one day
Track Name: Universal feat BluRum13
Escape from hell
Follow the paper trail,
Acknowledge the caper to truly ascess how they failed
Didn't bother to tell the meek the method to prevail
So in order to eat they work the streets or the jails
I work the beat till it bumps like brail
Then lay a vocal lead to let you know I'm real
I reveal a technique laid beneath the seventh seal
Relayed through the belief to think is to feel
To feel is to create to create is to reveal the god that is concealed under the crust of unrealized will
We'd had more then our fill you trying to chill or you coming with us? I'm out to visit the visitors
Develop a ray to change the perspective of law administers
Have mental giants distribute a growth serum to mental midgets when you go take some of me with ya
Get It
Like your granny did scripture
But now I remove the frame to reveal the whole picture brushstrokes, color palate and signature
Like reversing the telescope See my obstacles in miniature
This is what you get when this rapper gives from his inner
Seems like the coldest winter
Just cant and won't get in ya


You and I can move wide apply the flank together challenge oppression the courts in question and the centralized bank
The laws that only benefit the few the flawed systems that separate classes caste systems
Populations in need leagues stationed in nations that feed rule benders and money laundering
Our numbers make us stronger responders can conquer but we wander TV takes us yonder so
Identify distractions the rations of redirections programmed with no objections
I've selected lit to raise awareness our children only benefit from parental preparedness so
It's up to you And eye
To make the difference in a given life span of time
Ignorance is bliss if the shoe fits wish it didn't sicken and my decision's to command the line its you and I